BA(Hons) Interior Design


“Good Design is good business” Thomas Watson


Interior Design spans the ground between architecture and interior decoration. The scope of the projects undertaken by Interior Designers vary, from the purely decorative to ones where a great deal of structural change is required to meet the brief. The course embraces an interior design approach that considers both working with an “outside in” and “inside out” to manipulating of three-dimensional space. This is supported by an attitude of working “with” the building as opposed to working just “within” the building. We employ a principle that Interior Design is about “making space” in addition to just “working within space”. We provide students with an opportunity to explore how we relate to, and can influence the architectural space around us with a focus on human need, emotional response, spatial manipulation, atmosphere, scale, colour, light, texture, acoustics and material.


The course emphasise the view that innovation often comes from working between the prescribed boundaries of the discipline. It embraces a collaborative and diverse approach that encourages use of wide range of conventional and unconventional 2D and 3D media to best allow an effective, innovative practice culture to flourish. We embrace constant and consistent review of the contemporary professional environment. By encouraging research and understanding of the cultural, aesthetic, political, economic and social landscapes within which the profession operates, the course enables students to become reflective practitioners who are attentive to the ethical, environmental, regulatory and professional codes and principles that contribute to the wellbeing of all members of society.

36 months (3 years)

Educational form:

Education Variants:


Start Dates:
7th October 2019

British Degree:
BA (Hons) in Interior Design

Entry Requirements

  • Diploma and transcript from your high school
  • evidence of your ability in English language
  • portfolio
  • passport

Course at a glance:

Year 1

Design Theory 1

Visual Communication Skills in Interior Design 1

Design Thinking and Process

Interior Design Studio 1

Architectural Technology and

Materials 1

Year 2

Design Theory 2

Interior Design Studio 2

Interior Design Studio 3

Visual Communication Skills in

Interior Design 2

Architectural Technology and

Materials 2

Year 3

Interior Design Research Project

Interior Design & Professional Practice

Interior Design Final Major Project


Assessment is 100% coursework and you will be continually assessed throughout the course.

Assessment will be through assignments including design briefs (project work), competitions, presentations, seminars and group activities.

Career Opportunities

Many of the design skills that will acquire and develop are transferable and can lead you into a variety of employment fields. Career opportunities include working as an Interior Design consultant, in-house designer for a specialist retail shop-fitting contractor, Computer 3D visualiser, and corporate style consultant. In these jobs your role could take on many guises including Consultancy Business Design Partner or Creative Design team leader. Your role may even provide diverse opportunities to work in film, TV or theatre designing everything from performance sets to overall style adviser.

Successful students may also wish to continue their studies on MA Degree to further enhance their knowledge and skills base, exploring new and innovative areas of design.