BA(Hons) Product Design


«Good design is innovative. It gives a product utility. It is aesthetic. It Makes a product easy to understand. It is unobtrusive, long-lived, consistent down to the smallest detail, Protects the environment. Good design is as little design as possible» – Dieter Rams

Product Design is all about the process involved in taking a product that we may use in everyday life from concept to design to the market place. Our degree helps you think of ways to make this process easier, faster and cheaper.

You will explore problem-solving skills and the impact of material selection and the manufacturing processes. This means you will develop as an effective and successful product designer, assisted by working from live design briefs with real deadlines in a well-equipped and stimulating environment.

Our BA (Hons) Product Design is a UCLan Design course and it will develop your ability to function as an effective and successful product designer. From initially identifying a problem, you will be taken through the ‘design process’ and introduced to skills and techniques such as model-making; conceptual definition; styling and detailing; technological specifications; and material selections that can guarantee a competitive advantage in the professional product design environment.

The course is delivered by a highly-skilled and experienced staff team and is supported by guest lectures and industry contact.

Learning is studio-based and you will be engaged in a wide variety of activities. The ‘design brief’ acts as the main vehicle for the student experience, complemented by lectures, seminars and demonstrations, which aim to encourage the development of problem-solving skills and creative investigation.

36 months (3 years)

Educational form:

Education Variants:


Start Dates:
2nd October 2017

Award Body:
University of Central Lancashire – UK

British Degree:
Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Product Design

Entry Requirements

  • Diploma and transcript from your high school
  • evidence of your ability in English language
  • portfolio
  • passport

Course at a glance:

Year 1

Creative Thinking

Product Anatomy 1

Historical Contextual Studies

Computer Aided Modelling (SolidWorks)

Concept Design 1

Year 2

Product Design Studies

Digital Visualising

Computer Aided Design (SolidWorks)

Concept Design 2

Contemporary Contextual Studies

Year 3

Honours Project

Concept Design 3

Contextual Studies – Design Futures

Computer Aided Prototyping


Assessment is 100% coursework and you will be continually assessed throughout the course. Assessment will be through assignments including design briefs (project work), competitions, presentations, seminars and group activities.

Career Opportunities

Upon graduation, you could find yourself as part of creative team within a specialist design consultancy. Alternatively, you might instead choose to enter “in-house” environment of a product manufacturer. By specialising in on specific area, you could become a concept visualiser, a model maker or even a project manager.