MA Design specialising in Product Design


The Product Design pathway of MA DESIGN course is concerned with both the current and future position of the product and the product designer within the global economy. It allows for the development of ‘live’ and speculative projects concerned with design ethics, trend prediction, brand development and promotion. Projects in this area seek to understand and develop product design as part of a wider context of systems, organisations and experiences.

Through the contemporary understanding of the ‘experience economy’, large sections of traditional thinking are being reviewed. A new emphasis on service and sustainability leads to a need to redefine and reposition product design within a broader, interdisciplinary context. Product design now needs to address contemporary imperatives for re-use, re-branding and re-situating a whole range of established services and artefacts. Central to this are methods for analysing and predicting trends and future forecasting.

You will consider product design through issues of materiality, experience and representation, reviewing organisational and promotional contexts, placing yourself in relation to contemporary research, practice and publication.

13 months

Educational form:

Education Variants:


Start Date:
2nd October 2017

Tuition Fees:

Award Body:
University of Central Lancashire – UK

British Degree:
Master of Arts in Design

Entry Requirements

  • the AAS Application form completed
  • Degree or Diploma and transcript from previous educational institution
  • evidence of your ability in English language (IELTS 6.5 or its equivalent)
  • portfolio
  • passport


Course at a glance:

Semester 1

Design Practice 1

Design Research 1

Semester 2

Advanced Practice 2

Design Research 2

Semester 3

Product Design Practice 3


Assessment is 100% coursework and you will be continually assessed throughout the course.

The course is continually assessed through module requirements, allowing students to achieve target awards. Final modules are graded Pass, Merit, Distinction.

Career Opportunities

The course will help you develop your career in product development and increasingly in areas of service and experience design. Recent graduates have gone on to work in design consultancy, within the design departments of major international manufacturers and as creative entrepreneurs with their own business.