University of Sunderland
BA & MA Degrees

AAS offers top quality British education and degrees in art & design from the University of Sunderland. We follow the same curriculum and provide the same BAs and MAs Degrees.


AAS was established in 1990 and today is one of the biggest colleges in Thessaloniki. It is well-known for its high standard education in Art & Design Studies.

At AAS we understand that in order to reach your full potentials, you need a modern, friendly and inspiring environment. This is the reason why we constantly invest in our premises and resources. High-tech computers, magazines, books, DVDs and all necessary equipment is there to help you with your studies. You study and practice at fully equipped Computer Studios, Fashion Design Studios, Design Studios while you can enjoy and relax at the College’s cafe.

Our Library is one of the biggest in the city and is fully updated. Furthermore, because the collaboration with British universities you enjoy free access to e-libraries throughout your studies. You will participate in numerous competitions during your study. The high number of awards that our students achieve in national and international competitions makes us really proud.

During your three-year programme, you also enjoy cultural visits, real projects, work placements, exhibitions and study-visits to Europe.

AAS is an excellent choice for you who want to make a difference in the fields of art, design and communication. You are trained according to the British educational system and you are prepared to answer all the challenges in the international market. You follow the same curriculum, the same programme and you obtain the same Bachelor and Master Degrees as the students at British universities. You get the same top quality British education. You keep updated with all international trends in design and graphics.

When it comes to studies, make the smart choice! Choose top quality British education, in a top quality Mediterranean environment, at lower tuition fees than the UK Universities!

Join us now at AAS College in Thessaloniki!

AAS Mission

“Our design courses are future-thinking, creative and innovative”


The vision of AAS College is to build a leading, modern university level college providing British undergraduate and postgraduate Higher Education. AAS is a college recognised for its commitment to higher student’s experience, innovative learning and valuable engagement with the industry and the market in Greece.

The mission of AAS is to:

  • Provide graduate and postgraduate education of high standards that accepts international recognition.
  • Cultivate, transmit, implement and exchange the knowledge and skills through design study.
  • Advance design research and design knowledge and education for the benefit of the society as a whole.
  • Promote educational opportunity for all.
  • Protect the rights and freedoms of individuals and respect the diversity.

Why To Study At AAS

We think there are many reasons to choose AAS to study:


  1. It is the only University College in Greece with such a wide range of British Design courses in graduate and postgraduate level
  2. Exceptionally talented PhD and MA academic faculty with international experience as academics and design practitioners as well
  3. All Design courses we run are British courses because of the franchising with the University of Sunderland
  4. Same High Education standards as in the UK
  5. Mirror extensive facilities and resources as in the UK
  6. AAS College reduces the cost of a UK degree significantly
  7. Personal interest to students; each student is one of the hundreds not of the thousands
  8. The rate between staff and students is 1/5
  9. Safety and well-being
  10. Great student life: Enjoyment and fun

AAS academic staff


“We continue our commitment to nurturing creative thinking and the development of original ideas”


The tutors who teach in AAS are not ‘appointed’. They were selected among the best ones. Each tutor is an acknowledged professional in his/her field and has got rich professional experience. All of them have university education in Greece and renowned universities abroad. Most of them have completed postgraduate studies, a skill difficult to find in the fields of applied arts.

Nevertheless, apart from the skills mentioned above, the management of AAS believes that the tutor’s love and will to communicate his/her knowledge and experience to the students is the necessary prerequisite for the college’s co-operation with a tutor. The quality of knowledge acquired by our students and their creative cooperation with the tutors are reflected upon their project work every year.

The tutors of each course participate at least once a month in meetings, in which the chairman is the course leader and they discuss about the acceptance and understanding of the project briefs by the students, the organisation of the critics-presentations, the progress of the students, the attendance, the assessment criteria, the assessment, the feedback, etc.

The teaching staff is very important in the organisation of AAS courses but on the other hand, our students have an important role in it. We take their points of view and their critique into account. We give them the possibility to express their aspects through:

  • Meetings of each course team with student representatives twice a year, at the end of each semester.
  • Module evaluation questionnaires, in which each student places his/her tutors, the way of assessment, the quality of the project briefs, the college’s resources and premises and suggests ways of improvement.
  • Meetings with his/her personal tutor, who is responsible for the student’s progress.
  • Meetings with the course leader, who is responsible for the organisation of the course.
  • Meetings with the head of design department, who is responsible for the administration for the matters of quality and organisation of all courses that are run at AAS College.

AAS premises & resources


AAS College is set in a modern, purpose – built university campus. Students learn in specially designed lecture rooms and theatre, laboratories, design studios and in flexible teaching spaces. Individual and group study spaces allow students to work alone or collaborate on projects.


Our IT infrastructure is a student portal leading to all on-line resources, lecture rooms equipped with interactive whiteboard facilities, access to 300,000 UK e-books and e-journals and full wireless broadband across campus. This means students have the opportunity to study in an environment that suits them, whether it’s in our library or in social areas on campus. All on-line facilities can be accessed off campus anywhere in the world through the internet

Lecture Rooms & Conference Centre

At AAS we succeed in maintaining a unique balance between theory and practice. Our students on degree programmes are encouraged to think about the context of their work. There are many lectures that support the projects and they run at the same time with them. It’s an amazing mix of practice and theory and we are very proud of it. These lectures take place in specific rooms which is equipped with all the necessary visual aids (projection, screens, TV, DVD player, speakers, interactive blackboards, etc.).

Computing & Digital Resources

A host of computing and digital resources are available across the AAS College to enable you to develop your skills. In computer laboratories you will work with Macs and PCs for graphics or general design work, video equipment, and scanning and printing facilities.

We provide core and specialist software for specific disciplines including Adobe In Design, Photoshop and Illustrator; Macromedia Dreamweaver, Premiere, 3D Studio Max, Archicad, ArtLandis, Autocad, Solidworks, Stop Motion Pro, After Effects and others. All our facilities are networked for full internet access and you will be given an email account allowing you to log on to the network for use throughout your time with us.

Library & Learning Services

Despite the advancement of the electronic technology, publications (books and periodicals) still constitute an irreplaceable source of knowledge, information or even arousing creativity not only for the student but also for the future professional. In AAS, being aware of the meaning of publications, we initiate the student into systematically using books and specialised periodicals during the years of their studies. And something more: we encourage the students to seek ideas for their projects in these sources.

The books and the periodicals which concern matters of art and design constitute specialised publications and therefore are not available in public libraries. Usually, their high cost makes the purchase of such publications impossible for students. For the tutoring of our students we have created one of the most updated libraries (more than 7,000 titles) with books and periodicals concerning matters of art and design.

In the library there is also a study room with computers for research on the internet, as well as a printing corner.

Because of our franchise collaboration with British universities our students have access to e-libraries which provide unlimited sources for research and knowledge.

Design Studios & Workshops

All studios are equipped with ergonomic designing tables and chairs, where needed. They are also equipped with big tables for project and portfolio presentations. They are equipped with projectors and screens and Macs or PCs or both depending on the course needs.

Fashion Design studios consist the ideal environment for future designers. The arrangement and functionality of study spaces help towards the development of our students’ imagination and creativity. They are luminous and are equipped with

  • Sketching and model design workshop
  • Computer labs
  • Pattern making workshop
  • Sewing labs with sewing machines, where students create their collections

In Animation Production studio the students find all the necessary equipment: Cannon cameras, PCs, stop motion pro software, background of suitable colours, special tables, lights, armatures etc.