Degree Show 2017

August 2, 2016
Degree Show 2018
May 18, 2018

In the facilities of AAS COLLEGE was successfully made the opening of the Degree Show entitled «Hello Future» where all fields of study of AAS participated.




The works on display at the 27th Annual Exhibition is the work of all undergraduate and postgraduate finalist students of AAS College.

More than 500 people visited the exhibition and were thrilled with the quality, freshness and originality of the students’ work of AAS, which were constantly accepting congratulations from parents and friends.

The course leaders for each course of study honoured the student with the best presence at the Show, which caused much excitement.

The AAS College congratulates all the tutors, who contributed with enthusiasm in setting up and helping the students to present properly their work in the exhibition, which is indeed the culmination of the work they did all year.