July 29, 2016
MA Event The Day After
August 2, 2016

ISTD (International Society of Typographic Designers) is a non-profit organization, which is running by volunteer directors, consisting by professional typographers, graphic designers and educators. AAS College takes part in ISTD 2016 competition and tries to motivate young designers and young people to prove their talent and skills through their work.



Myrto Lazaridou, a student from the Graphic Design course chooses to take part in the contest supporting her work named “Titanic”. The young designer had to choose in between five different projects that suggested ISTD. Myrto, chose the project “Eye witness” because she wanted to make an installation for the first time in her life and live the experience of the team work. The student had the passion to meet new people from different fields and experiments with what she loves and intrigues her. Myrto selected Titanic disaster as her main search tool, supporting that when someone experiencing the total disaster, realizes the meaning and the value of life. The undergraduate was affected by Eva Hart, a 7 year old little girl who traveled with her mother and father from England to America for a better life. Back in these difficult times, many people chose the solution of immigration as a path for a better life and in this group of people, members was Hart’s family too. Eva lost her father and as an adult she struggled for the human rights with a lot of passion. She fought with the White Star Lines (Construction Company of Titanic ship) considering the assembly culpable for the loss of about 1.500 people, including her father. She strongly supported that the ship building was inappropriate and was against the excavation of Titanic from the bottom of the sea. Hart once stated that: “If a ship is torpedoed, that’s war. If it strikes a rock in a storm, that’s nature. But just to die because there weren’t enough lifeboats, that’s ridiculous”. Myrto created unique maquettes and wants to deliver visually to the viewer and in real time, Hart’s eye witness account from the tragedy that took place on April 14 of 1912.