AAS College:

International Students

Going to live and study in another country is very exciting; it can also be very challenging. At the AAS College we have experience of welcoming foreign students and we are here to help you every step of the way. We know that you will have a lot of questions before you leave home and this information has been prepared to help answer as many of your questions as possible.


We recognise that when you join us it may be the first time you have lived away from home, so we do our best to support you. Our Accommodation staff will help you to find the right place to live to suit your needs. We can advice you for a lot of flats in purpose-build properties that there are very close to the college. In all type of flats or studios you will have your own furnished study bedroom. There are flats where you have your own kitchen and flats that have a shared kitchen and dinning area.


What to bring

Please remember that you will have to carry your luggage during your journey here, so do not pack more than you can carry by yourself. On the other hand Thessaloniki has an extensive range of shops supplying food from all over the world and clothes and other good to suit all tastes, so there is no need to bring too much baggage.

Hand luggage

  • You should carry the following items in your hand luggage:
  • Your passport and Visa card (leave a photocopy of them with your family/friends at home)
  • Contact names and telephone numbers for AAS College
  • Original academic certificates and transcripts
  • Tuition fee receipt
  • Copy of bank transfer document
  • Euros currency (do not put money in your suitcase)
  • Any medication you need during your journey, having first checked that it can be taken in your hand luggage


Please tell us what time and day you will be arriving in Thessaloniki, so we can give you the greatest possible help


The ideal city to study and live in

Greece has a very long and significant history.

It is the motherland of philosophy, classical arts, theatre and medicine among others.

A great number of philosophers like Socrates, Plato, Aristophanes the comic play writer, Hippocrates the father of western medicine were born and lived there.


Their work effected the western civilization and put the base for the evolution and development of modern contemporary thought.

All over Greece, you can visit a great number of museums, archaeological sites and monuments that provide a vivid picture of its accomplishments in art and technology from the prehistoric era to modern times.

Greece cultural achievements and beautiful landscapes get admired by thousands of visitors each year who choose it as their destination for vacations or studies.

The second largest city of Greece and the most important port of the Balkan is Thessaloniki.

Built by the sea it is located in the northern Greece. It has sunny Mediterranean climate and wonderful beaches.

Thessaloniki is a friendly, inspiring city with large avenues, commercial streets, parks, squares, picturesque traditional neighborhoods and a vivid student community of more than 80.000 students.

Motherland of Alexander the Great and Aristotle Thessaloniki’s history goes back more than 2.300 years. The city is full of archaeological, byzantine and ottoman monuments that are within walking distance from the city centre.

Thessaloniki also has a great number of cafes, clubs, restaurants, museums, galleries, cinemas, theatres and concert halls where a lot of cultural events and festivals are organized throughout the year.

The International Film Festival, the Song Festival is just some of them.

It is a city of design and fine arts where a lot of young artists, architects and designers always find new ways to express themselves.

The city has also one of the best high streets market in Greece with shopping centres and boutiques.