MA Design Specialising in Digital Graphic


The postgraduate design course in digital graphics pathway is concerned with virtual spaces and interactive environments. These are understood as the spaces of experience, and may include combinations of the real and virtual, the spaces of publication, time based media and the internet. Interaction within spaces can operate at differing scales and levels of material intervention.


The contemporary cultural context of globalisation leads to all spaces becoming less physically site specific, and arising from this an imperative to redefine and rediscover the real meaning of place. Representation becomes central to this as both the site of design production and increasingly the site of its dissemination and discussion. In this way the design of digital environments can be both the means to understanding our real experience of space or a means to explore other mixed or hybrid realities.


Recent projects in digital graphics include mixed reality urban systems, web interfaces, web design and motion graphics.

13 months

Educational form:

Education Variants:


Start Date:
11th October 2021

British Degree:
Master of Arts in Design

Entry Requirements

  • AAS Application form completed
  • Degree or Diploma and transcript from previous educational institution
  • Evidence of your ability in English language
  • Portfolio
  • Passport
  • CV


Course at a glance:

Stage 1

Design Studies 1 (60 credits)

Stage 2

Design Studies 2 (60 credits)

Stage 3

Design Studies 3 (60 credits)


Assessment is 100% coursework and you will be continually assessed throughout the course.

The course is continually assessed through module requirements, allowing students to achieve target awards. Final modules are graded Pass, Merit, Distinction.

Career Opportunities

The MA will help further career opportunities within commercial design practice – giving recognition to each student’s individual practical and intellectual abilities. Graduates will improve their chance of employment in the advertising industry with their demonstrated enhanced specialism and understanding developed on the course.