MA Event The Day After

August 1, 2016
August 2, 2016

Monday 15th February 2016, 16:00pm

On Monday 15th February 2016 and at 16:00 pm took place in AAS College the MA GRADUATES EVENT, where postgraduates from all MA courses presented their final project works.


The students from the sectors of MA Design, MA Graphics and MA Interior Design exhibited their final projects with success. Mrs Jane Souyave, the course leader of MA Graphic Design and coordinator of all MA Design based courses at UCLan, honored us with her presence. She had the opportunity to discuss with the various stuff and the students during her visit in Greece and she mentioned that she was really impressed by the students’ progress. They were all extremely articulate, explaining their work clearly and coherently, discussing their inspiration, concepts, development and final outcomes she stated. AAS College with an experience of 26 years proved for one more time the great ability of its work, through the accomplishments of the students and the great tutors’ work. The Colleges’purpose is to inspire young talented people, teach them with the best possible way, lead them to the road of success and prepare them for further personal development.