Nurturing Success

By choosing to study with us you are making a valuable investment in your future. To give you the best preparation for your career, we support you through our employment-focused teaching and learning, and through industry links, advice and careers guidance.


Skills in creative thinking and problem-solving, as well as teamwork and project management, are highly valued by employers. By bringing the workplace into the learning environment, we ensure that you are fully prepared for the world of work.

Each one of our courses has established close relationships in the industry which provide specific knowledge through lectures, talks and technical workshops.

Live projects can be a valuable part of student life. Through our close links with companies and industry professionals, we ensure that our teaching remains up-to-date and relevant to today’s creative and cultural industries.

This approach is supported by the professional work of our own staff, many of whom are creative practitioners as well as academics.

We also actively encourage you to enter national and international award schemes, as competition success is a great way for you to gain feedback and exposure, and to progress your career. Our students achieve successes in a host of national and international design awards every year.

Induction Workshop

Every year during the last weeks of September the induction workshop takes place at AAS College. It is an introductory workshop whose aim is to help students integrate normally in their design studies.

Teachers form study groups consisting of students of different fields. They give your group the project brief and they analyze it so you can learn the design procedure since the very beginning. You contact research collecting material and photographs; you assess your material, analyze the problem and proceed towards compiling your creative suggestions. And all these happen in a relaxed and creative atmosphere.

The advantages of induction workshop are many:

• Since the first day at AAS you learn that there are many design courses but also that there is one methodology, meaning that creative thinking is common for all fields of study.
• You realise that just a good idea is not enough and that you have to work on it and present it in a creative way.
• You meet your teachers and understand that they possess a great variety of knowledge and experience and they are always available to help you.
• You get to know your co-students and easily make friends with them because you share the same feelings for design and aesthetics.
• You become accustomed to the facilities, studios and workshops at AAS College and you get to know their equipment.


Portfolios gradually created by students during their studies play an important role in their professional development. By attending a three-year bachelor of honours course, you become accustomed to every aspect of your studies. This is aim of BA degree, so your portfolio contains every project you have created.

Following with precision your program of studies you can create a powerful portfolio reflecting your knowledge gained and your personal style.Your portfolio is your identity on design. Every portfolio is different from every other one and gives your personal style for its quality on technical and artistic fields.

The AAS high level of portfolios is not accidental. It is a result of our curriculum and student quality. The quality portfolios ensure that you can find a working position after graduation. This can also happen while you are still an AAS student.

Degree show

Knowing how to present your work it is very important in the fields of art, communication and design. The AAS students get accustomed to this very important factor for their success. A degree show is organized at the end of every academic year, presenting our students works. Participation of our senior students consists a part of their assessment. They also present their work to our external examiners who come from Great Britain for this particular reason. In this show the first and the second year, students take part with their projects as well as our foundation year.


During your studies, you are encouraged to take part in national and international competitions. In some fields, there is a relevant module based on student participation in competitions.

Studies on design are successful when connected with the market. There are always project briefs which represent real problems asking for solutions and connect education with the market in our curriculum. When you take part in a competition, you come in touch with a real design problem which you have to solve in a given time period.


The right place for you

We recognise that when you join us it may be the first time you have lived away from home, so we do our best to support you. Our Accommodation staff will help you to find the right place to live to suit your needs. We can advice you for a lot of flats in purpose-build properties that there are very close to the college or in the city’s centre.

In all type of flats you will have your own furnished study bedroom. There are flats where you have your own kitchen and flats that have a shared kitchen and dinning area. Prices are around 200-300 euros/month.

The Student Accommodation staff will assist all international students in seeking the accommodation of their choice, giving legal tenancy agreement advice and all other queries or concerns regarding student accommodation in Thessaloniki.


The ideal city to study and live in

Greece has a very long and significant history.

It is the motherland of philosophy, classical arts, theatre and medicine among others.

A great number of philosophers like Socrates, Plato, Aristophanes the comic play writer, Hippocrates the father of western medicine were born and lived there.

Their work effected the western civilization and put the base for the evolution and development of modern contemporary thought.

All over Greece, you can visit a great number of museums, archaeological sites and monuments that provide a vivid picture of its accomplishments in art and technology from the prehistoric era to modern times.

Greece cultural achievements and beautiful landscapes get admired by thousands of visitors each year who choose it as their destination for vacations or studies.

The second largest city of Greece and the most important port of the Balkan is Thessaloniki.

Built by the sea it is located in the northern Greece. It has sunny Mediterranean climate and wonderful beaches.

Thessaloniki is a friendly, inspiring city with large avenues, commercial streets, parks, squares, picturesque traditional neighborhoods and a vivid student community of more than 80.000 students.

Motherland of Alexander the Great and Aristotle Thessaloniki’s history goes back more than 2.300 years. The city is full of archaeological, byzantine and ottoman monuments that are within walking distance from the city centre.

Thessaloniki also has a great number of cafes, clubs, restaurants, museums, galleries, cinemas, theatres and concert halls where a lot of cultural events and festivals are organized throughout the year.

The International Film Festival, the Song Festival is just some of them.

It is a city of design and fine arts where a lot of young artists, architects and designers always find new ways to express themselves.

The city has also one of the best high streets market in Greece with shopping centres and boutiques.

Thessaloniki is famous for its great cuisine and sweets. Anywhere in the city, you can enjoy very tasty food at very good prices.

It is a friendly, safe and economical choice for you to come and study